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Marines fiance...
It's ok, be jealous.
So, apparently I sleep with all my guy friends, I am an attention whore, my engagement is a joke, I will be divorced in 5 months, I'm a bad friend, and I am a slut.

If I slept with all my guy friends I wouldn't beable to count how many people I have had sex with on one hand. There is a difference in being an attention whore and actually having a personality. maybe you should get one. My engagement is no joke. I love Garrett with all my heart and if you want to be jealous becasue my relationship is working out and you can't even find a guy who can stand you more then a day, fine. But don't ever say that garrett and I are a joke, we are more in love then you will ever know. With that said we will be together. I was NEVER EVER a bad friend to you. I went out of my way time after time for you, taking you to you bank, my mom faxing out your paper work, me buy you a ticket for that concert you bailed on, how about me buying you lunch all the time, buying you drinks, give you rides to where ever you needed. I don't see how i was a bad friend. Maybe you should check the definition. Also, maybe you should tell people the real story of you and Shaun and stop lying about everything. I am no slut, coming from the girl who has met over 11 guysoff the internet and fucked each one of them. I don't think you have the right to call anyone a slut. Just stop talking shit and get over it. Were not friends. I accepted that. You should too. I was never a fake friend to you. Time after time i was told to get the fuck out of that friendship but i refused because you were my best friend. but I was wrong for not listening.
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HAHAHA, you make me laugh. so much my side is splitting. I "betrayed" you. I hung out with a guy from a bar. wow, you really need to get over yourself becasue you are not that great of a person. how many times did i go out of my way for you to just in return treat me like shit, fuck that, and fuck you. You were never a good friend and EVERYONE asked me why I continued to be your friend. I really don't know. Well now that I know everything everyone ever said about you is true I am finally done. Good bye.

ps this is public so you can read it becasue Im not a stupid bitch who hides behind myspace and LJ.
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Hey everyone, comment on this post. And then go tell everyone and their mothers to come comment. I want atleast 1,000 comments!!



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I don't need your drama, especially if it's LJ drama. Take it somewhere else. If you’re immature, stuck on yourself or a drama whore please press the X in the corner of your screen, I will not add you. If all you care about is your lame LJ community and take it WAY to serious please use the exit on the right of the screen.
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